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For the most gorgeous beaches featuring long lines of white sands and the tranquil blue waters, Esperance is the place for such an experience. Stunning bays nearby wait for you to discover them with your own eyes. It is certainly an opportunity you should grab, especially if you love snorkelling, swimming, or just to enjoy the waters.

Esperance is on the south coast of the Golden Outback, one of the most touristy regions in the country. It is about 721 kilometres southeast of Western Australia’s capital, Perth that will take about 90 minutes. This town has a temperate climate and the weather is usually cool. More than 200 Recherche Archipelago islands protect Esperance. The area is abundant in wildlife with several sheltered bays lying around the town.

A Dreamy Scene

Esperance image

Esperance may not be as popular as the other tourist destinations in Australia or even in Western Australia state. However, this remote town is truly remarkable. The coastline can rival many others in the world because of its spectacular beauty. It has fine quartz sands with rounded boulders by the edges.

The town is nearby the Lucky Bay beach, which is famous for having kangaroos sunbaking regularly on the white sands.
Esperance is a must-visit for those who want to walk and tour the uninhabited islands. It is also the town to go to if you wish to discover the aboriginal culture in the coastal areas.

What You Should Not Miss

Make it a getaway to remember by ensuring you experience the best activities in Esperance. First off, one of the things you surely want to do is to explore the town itself. It has hundreds of islands with a gentle slope formation. These islands are known as the Recherche Archipelago. When you witness this breathtaking sight, you will understand why Esperance is considered a beguiling town.

While exploring Esperance, here are some of the top things you can do while on a long weekend getaway:

Taylor St Quarters: This pub is extremely popular for tourists. It is where you can have lunch while taking pleasure in the sea views. You will also enjoy fine dining dishes and live music.

Great Ocean Drive: About 38 kilometres away from Taylor St Quarters, you will find the Great Ocean Drive. It lops past several white sand beaches and peaceful bays. If you happen to stop at the Twilight Beach, make sure to keep an eye in the waters. Some dolphins frolic in the ocean, enhancing your stopover experience.

Stonehenge: You will also find a replica of Stonehenge in the area. It is full-size, making it one of the most interesting and unique sights in this town.

Lucky Bay: Kangaroos lounge on this bay, especially along the far end. It has some of the whitest sands that you will ever find in Australia. Plus, the crystal clear waters are so dazzling that you may never be able to see anything that matches it. It is indeed a picture-perfect spot yet still devoid mostly of signs of civilisation. There is a campground along the coastline, however. Some tourists would stay there from time to time, enjoying free barbecues and solar-heated showers.

Esperance image
Esperance image

Cape Le Grand National Park: The whole country is in awe at this nature reserve. It is where Lucky Bay is situated, a pristine and unspoilt location that stretches more than five kilometres.

Woody Island: You can pretend you are a castaway when you get here. It makes sense after all. It remains uninhabited, although you can enjoy a day trip and even stay on the island for a day or so. You can go bushwalking, snorkelling, fishing, and swimming. During school holidays, the safari huts are open, allowing general camping to take place.

Kepa Kurl Eco-Discovery Tour: The Noongar are the aboriginal people in this area. They are connected to the natural attributes of the town. This discovery tour will let you see the beaches through their eyes. The aboriginal owner will guide you as you hunt and gather food as they do.

Lake Hillier: Another thing that you should not miss is the exceptional Lake Hillier. It is a special body of water that looks bubble-gum pink, especially from the skies. It sits nearby the Middle Island of the Recherche Archipelago. Do not miss this lake when you are on a scenic flight.

Aside from these sightseeing discoveries and activities, there are also events that usually take place at the Esperance Civic Centre, such as the Morning Melodies. It gives music while people enjoy their lunches. Running every second Thursday of the month, you may not want to miss this opportunity if you are a fan of the live music scene.

Another upcoming event is the Seniors Christmas Party, which will happen on the first of December. The party is open for those who are at least 60 years old. It is an annual Christmas Dinner exclusively for the seniors at the Esperance Civic Centre.

Esperance image
Esperance image

Meanwhile, the town centre holds The Community Christmas Pageant every year. The streets are filled with floats and groups of people from the communities and local businesses. This parade celebrates the festive season in the town while giving public entertainment to both the visitors and the residents.

Forget about driving to this southern gem. Discover what Esperance can offer during the long weekend while you are up in the air. Let Erceg Aviation take you to your destination and revel the beauty of this breathtaking coastline.

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