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Who Fly On a Private Charter?

For many travellers, getting there is not half of the fun. This is especially true with air travel where you contend with long lines, luggage restrictions, mobs of people running about, and other annoyances at the airport.

Once onboard the plane, you can enjoy other ‘amenities’ like tight seats, rude passengers, and crying babies. Scenarios much like this one play out all over the world numerous times each day.

On a private jet charter, however, it’s a totally different story.

I Need to Fly, What Choice Do I Have?

If you are flying on a commercial aircraft, you have very little choice and must tolerate these issues. What if you tried a different mode of flying that will get you where you need to be – in less time and with much more comfort? Booking a private charter plane from Perth airport with Erceg Aviation can help you leave the frustrations of commercial flight behind.

Aren’t Private Planes just for Rich and Famous People?

You do not need to be a big movie star or a notable politician to hire a charter. Here at Erceg Aviation, we fly charters for people of various walks of life every day.

Can I Afford to Book a Charter Plane?

As with many conveniences that people tend to see as luxuries, a charter plane is more affordable than you realise. We carry groups of passengers who opt to share the cost of a charter. Many tell us they actually pay less flying with us in peace and comfort than they would have paid to fly on a crowded commercial flight. Plus, we carry a lot of corporate passengers too (mining executivesgovernment officialsbusiness owners, and so on).

Why Choose Erceg Aviation?

It is true that nothing beats a charter flight when it comes to comfort. However, there are other reasons passengers fly with Erceg Aviation. These reasons include:

  • Flexibility – Erceg Aviation passengers have control over when we fly. For example, you have an important breakfast business meeting in an area some distance away. If, you are not interested in a long late-night drive or an overnight stay we can arrange your flight at the right time to get you to your meeting without the added stress of commercial flights. Likewise, if you unexpectedly must stay in your destination overnight, all you need to do is tell us, and we will arrange the return flight at your convenience. If you need to add a stop or make other changes, we will accommodate your requests. Erceg Aviation works with your itinerary, not the other way around.
  • Fast – When you fly with Erceg Aviation, you will not need to arrive hours before your scheduled flight to wait in a line. You will also save time because smaller aircraft fly higher than jumbo jets and can avoid excessive air traffic. A charter flight will save you time on the ground when you reach your destination. Our planes can land at smaller airfields closer to your actual destination.
  • Customise – If you or a member of your party has special requirements, you only need to inform us when you book your flight, and we will see to your request. We are able to accommodate large items like medical equipment, musical instruments, or sports equipment. Erceg Aviation will also handle your luggage with care.

Once you have experienced the ease of travelling with an Erceg Aviation charter flight, you will not want to fly any other way.

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