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Need to Travel at Short Notice?

Even though we all attempt to organise and plan our lives, there are situations that pop up and surprise us. When this sort of situation arises and requires travel, it can be exceptionally challenging to make appropriate travel arrangements at the last minute.

Think about the last time you needed to make travel plans on short notice. Hopefully, it was not an awful encounter, but our experience tells us that locating seats on commercial flights to work with your schedule is often frustrating and stressful. At Erceg Aviation your convenience matters to us. This is why our staffing allows for spur-of-the-moment flights.

Why Would I Need a Last-Minute Fight?

Sometimes things arise which you could not have scheduled in your appointment book. Here are several reasons you may need a last-minute flight:

  • Work Issues – Sudden changes in a work project that require face to face collaboration still happen in this age of video communicating and instant messages.
  • A Family Emergency – These are often rattling enough without struggling to find a way to get to where you are needed. This is especially true in the event of an accident or a health crisis when every minute matters.
  • An Unplanned Event – Was an important event not on your radar or you completely overlooked it by accident? We can get you there fast.
  • A Pleasant Get Away – Everyone needs a break now and then. Whether you are hiding away with a special someone, taking the kids to the ocean, or spending time with your best friends, you can enjoy a quickly planned holiday easily.

You can rest assured that here at Erceg Aviation we are ready to go when you say the word.

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