We Specialise in Government Travel

Erceg Aviation is well equipped to handle government travel.

Whether you are travelling in an official capacity or an unofficial capacity, you can depend on Erceg Aviation to meet and exceed your travel expectations. We fly to a huge number of destinations within Western Australia (and beyond).

Why Is Erceg Aviation a Smart Way To Conduct Government Travel?

  • Secure – All of our outbound and inbound flights run through Perth Domestic Airport. At the airport, we have a luxury lounge for our passengers.
  • Private – Here at Erceg Aviation, we have extensive experience with passengers who wish to be out of the public eye. We pride ourselves on discretion and our ability to help our passengers be incognito if they wish.
  • Inconspicuous – While our jets offer comfort and luxury, there are no tell-tale signs that we carry various government officials and dignitaries.
  • Flexible – We are able to work with the schedules of busy government representatives. If you need a flight at an unusual time, we can accommodate you with very little notice.

Here at Erceg Aviation, we are proud to serve those who serve our government, and we welcome your next event.

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