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Erceg understands that no matter what we plan for, unexpected events often happen. This is when specialised professional services are frequently necessary at a moment’s notice.

Why Would Someone Need
Regional Service Air Transportation?

Generally, events occur in outlying locations where the local authorities require specific organisations and individuals to promptly reach the area. Often in these situations driving a substantial distance is out of the question, due to the urgency required in the effective management of the consequences, particularly where delayed intervention places individuals at risk. For example:

  • Special skills of a particularly specialised doctor or other health professional are necessary to save lives in an area that is outside of a reasonable driving distance, such as unusual illnesses warranting investigation by health workers from specific organisations
  • An organisation requires the specific skills and unique services of government administration not available in the regional centre
  • Clients require a specialised attorney or specific lawyer service

Furthermore, the progression of regional organisations often require specialised services. For example:

  • Insurance company specialists are required to conduct appraisals in advancement of insurance policy implementation
  • Financial organisations are required to conduct appraisals in advancement of loan approvals
  • Television production and marketing companies desire to shoot in specific locations
Our Regional service

Into What Areas Will
Erceg Aviation Take Needed Professionals?

Our goal is to help professionals reach those in need as safely and efficiently as possible. Generally, we make service flights to areas of Western Australia with populations significant enough to create the demand for the service in question. However, we can access even remote communities via numerous remote mining and community runways throughout WA.

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