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We offer non-emergency flights for organs and blood donations.

There are many reasons to book a chartered private flight for medical purposes (such as transporting organs or blood to remote regions). Travelling with Erceg Aviation provides a faster, more secure method of travel to most parts of Western Australia.

Any non-emergency flight where a body part is carried is regarded as a medical flight. Please note: some planes are specialist medical aircraft with medical equipment on board (and staff trained in their use). Erceg Aviation’s plane is a normal aircraft without medical staff or specialised medical equipment on board. We merely offer a faster mode of transportation.

Why Choose Erceg Aviation for Medical Charter Flights?

  1. Speed and Convenience – With a chartered flight you do not have the same lengthy security and check in processes that you do with a commercial airline. This can save many hours on the overall trip, which is particularly important in medical situations.
  2. Alternative to Airlines – Most airlines have strict rules that will prevent them from carrying body parts or blood enroute. Also, they are restrictive in carrying supplemental oxygen, oxygen equipment and other specialised medical equipment.
  3. Unusual Routes – We can fly to any location within Australia. Commercial airlines have dedicated routes and can only land at certain airports.
Erceg medical service

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