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Need to Travel to a Remote Mine site?

Travel to and from various mines in Western Australia can be tiresome and sometimes treacherous. We are in tune with the mining industry because our Managing Director Ivan Erceg, worked in the industry for more than two decades before he founded Erceg Aviation.

For those in the Western Australia mining industry, access to remote mining areas is crucial. This is especially true as easily accessible deposits come closer to depletion and miners must venture farther and farther out for mining success.

Whether you need to transport freight to a remote mining site, or you are viewing the progress of a mine, Erceg Aviation can get you, your colleagues, and equipment to your necessary destination safely and efficiently.

Why Choose Erceg Aviation?

Our pilots have extensive training flying in and around the most prevalent mining areas. They are also familiar with the climate as well as changeable weather situations. While we log many flight hours around the mines in WA, we are happy to transport you to mines anywhere we can safely land, in Australia.

Because here at Erceg Aviation we understand the many variables in the mining industry, we stay flexible so you can adjust your itinerary while your flight is underway.

If you need flight transportation to a mine, consider flying with someone who understands the mining industry and has experience travelling the area.

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