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We are aware that there are times when it is necessary to transport what the authorities classify as dangerous goods. The items can range from ordinary things such as hairspray and batteries to hazardous waste products.

Here at Erceg Aviation our staff prepared for the transport of such parcels by taking approved dangerous goods courses per the directive of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) guidelines and in compliance with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.

It is important to distinguish between a passenger bringing every-day items that are considered dangerous goods and a business hiring Erceg Aviation to deliver freight consisting of dangerous goods. We are able to handle both types of goods; we simply must be aware of the presence of these items so we can employ appropriate safeguards.

What Common Items Are Classified as Dangerous Goods?

While there are parcels that are obviously dangerous goods, such as radioactive material and dynamite, CASA lists the top three dangerous products which require proper handling for the safety of crew and passengers.

  1. Lost and damaged smartphones
  2. Spare and loose batteries
  3. Compressed oxygen

Can I Get Transport For Dangerous Freight And is It a Hassle?

Need More Information?

At Erceg Aviation, we can make provisions for your freight transport with very little required of you. As different sorts of goods require specific handling and packaging for safe transport; we will talk one-on-one with you to explain how we take care of the details.

We take safety and customer satisfaction very seriously at Erceg Aviation. Contact us for further information regarding how we can take the headaches out of transporting dangerous goods.

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