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Erceg Aviation is a Perth-based private aircraft charter service with a mission to offer a fast, safe, competitive, luxury jet charter service to the Western Australian community.

Our aircraft is faster than all regional airline turboprops and comparable with many airline jet services within WA.

Our aircraft is less expensive than other business jets. Rental costs are comparable with turboprop aircraft, yet significantly faster; leading to an overall reduced cost of hire. The company is dedicated to maintaining a reputation as a safe and highly efficient operation.

Our private aircraft hire services are suitable for mining and corporate executives, government officials, medical transportation, freight and transport of dangerous goods, private charters, and tourists wishing to explore remote regions in Western Australia and beyond.

Erceg Aviation offers private jet hire in Perth

Unbeatable pricing for a comparable service (including turboprops)

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Benefits of Flying With Erceg Aviation

Safe and reliable


Modern jet aircraft flown by highly trained pilots.
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Airline competitive flight times, faster than regional turboprops.
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Easy quote system, free secure & gated car parking, no check-in, no security screening and private & discreet departure facility.


Pre-flight lounge plus on-board snacks and refreshments. The cabin features leather seating, personal tables and reclining seats.
Cost effective


We offer unbeatable pricing for a comparable service coupled with virtually no waiting times, thus you’ll experience minimal downtime.
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When you rent our private jet, we can fly virtually anywhere in Australia and Asia. We can also make stops to multiple destinations.

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Private charters are more affordable than you think

Private Aircraft Charters Are More Affordable Than You Think

If someone mentions private aircraft charters, most people would dismiss it as an option for travelling. Let’s admit it; these private planes are best reserved for billionaires and celebrities, aren’t they? The truth is that they are more affordable than most of us would believe. For many years, private planes were regarded as a luxury…

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Fly to popular events in Western Australia

Top WA Events to Fly To

Western Australia has a lot to be proud of. Being the largest state, it occupies a third of Australia’s total land area yet it has less than 10 per cent of the country’s population. There are many reasons to fly to certain areas of the state. You will discover wineries, restaurants, galleries, and even a…

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Erceg Aviation in Warburton

Erceg Aviation: Helping Remote Aboriginal Communities

Destination Warburton, a remote aboriginal community in Western Australia. Warburton is located just to the south of the Gibson Desert. It is positioned on the Great Central Road (part of the Outback Way) and Gunbarrel Highway. At the 2011 census, Warburton had a population of 474. Reason for Trip Erceg Aviation was chartered to transport tradespeople this remote location. Leaving from our departure…

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