Top WA Events to Fly To

Western Australia has a lot to be proud of. Being the largest state, it occupies a third of Australia’s total land area yet it has less than 10 per cent of the country’s population. There are many reasons to fly to certain areas of the state. You will discover wineries, restaurants, galleries, and even a…


Past Flights

Erceg Aviation: Helping Remote Aboriginal Communities

Destination Warburton, a remote aboriginal community in Western Australia. Warburton is located just to the south of the Gibson Desert. It is positioned on the Great Central Road (part of the Outback Way) and Gunbarrel Highway. At the 2011 census, Warburton had a population of 474. Reason for Trip Erceg Aviation was chartered to transport tradespeople this remote location. Leaving from our departure…


Cessna Citation CJ2

The Cessna CJ2 Explained

When creating the Cessna Citation CJ2, engineers focused on what was most important: designing an aircraft that was the perfect combination of safety, performance, and economy wrapped in a body with crisp, clean lines. And they achieved it. The twin-engine aircraft is prized for its simple avionics system as well as the multiple user-friendly automated systems. These features maximise…



Benefits of Using a Private Aircraft

Even though the world we live in is shrinking every day because of technological advances, we still face the need to get from place to place. However, when you need to go a distance or time is of the essence a private plane can solve all of your travel issues. Save Time There are numerous…