Past FlightsErceg Aviation in Warburton


Warburton, a remote aboriginal community in Western Australia. Warburton is located just to the south of the Gibson Desert. It is positioned on the Great Central Road (part of the Outback Way) and Gunbarrel Highway.

At the 2011 census, Warburton had a population of 474.

Reason for Trip

Erceg Aviation was chartered to transport tradespeople this remote location. Leaving from our departure facility at Perth airport, we regularly fly to the remote airstrip located adjacent to the townsite.

The tradespeople are engaged with several remote communities to construct new housing and maintain current housing. Several different trades are involved including electrical, plumbing, construction, tiling and more.

Benefits to Client

The primary benefit of this trip is the substantial saving in transport time.

Our plane is able to transport the tradespeople in 2 hours. As Warburton is located approximately 1,500km east-northeast of Perth, this is a substantial improvement on the 2 day driving time.

As such, for each person transported there is a saving in 2 days of productivity. With 6 people transported, that’s 12 days downtime that is saved should they have chosen to drive instead of fly.