Cessna Citation CJ2Last minute

When creating the Cessna Citation CJ2, engineers focused on what was most important: designing an aircraft that was the perfect combination of safety, performance, and economy wrapped in a body with crisp, clean lines. And they achieved it.

The twin-engine aircraft is prized for its simple avionics system as well as the multiple user-friendly automated systems. These features maximise safety and allow the Cessna CJ2 to fly with a single pilot reducing flight costs and allowing more options in flight operations.

Key Statistics

  1. The CJ2’s power comes from two Williams International FJ44-2C turbofan engines. These engines deliver 2,400 lbs. of thrust on take-off and are fuel-efficient using just 530 litres of fuel per hour.
  2. A relatively short runway of 1050 metres allows the Citation plenty of space to take off and adds smaller airports to the list of potential jumping off points for flights.
  3. The aircraft’s maximum certified flight ceiling is 45,000 feet, and the CJ2 climbs to a comfortable altitude of 37,000 feet in roughly 17 minutes.
  4. The jet has a long-range cruise speed of 652 km/h, and its high-speed cruise speed is 754 km/h.
Cessna CJ2 erceg aviation
Erceg Aviation's Cessna CJ2 is ideal for last minute flights

Other Benefits

The Citation also features digitally controlled pressurisation systems. The system maintains a cabin pressure equal to that of sea-level even when the jet is at an altitude of 23,586 feet. The cabin holds six passengers comfortably, and its volume is 243 cubic feet. A seventh passenger may ride in the cockpit with the pilot since a second pilot is optional. Passengers have plenty of storage space as the three storage compartments can hold a combined 500 kg of luggage or cargo.

When it comes to a safe and comfortable aircraft for commercial business use, the Citation CJ2 meets and exceeds expectations. Whatever your requirements, this well-appointed jet can become the a means to advance your business and commercial needs by offering time saving, affordability and flexibility which inevitably leads to an increase in productivity.