EventsFly to popular events in Western Australia

Western Australia has a lot to be proud of. Being the largest state, it occupies a third of Australia’s total land area yet it has less than 10 per cent of the country’s population. There are many reasons to fly to certain areas of the state. You will discover wineries, restaurants, galleries, and even a vast desert.

Then, there’s a rugged coastline with endless stretches of sandy beaches, fields of wildflowers, and peculiar rock formations. All these things make WA interesting, which is why it is not surprising it is called the land of extremes.

If you are looking for a unique adventure, the state will give you a memorable experience wherever you go. Here are some of the events and destinations that are some of the reasons why millions of people visit Western Australia each year:

Our Top Picks

1. The Gourmet Escape

From November 8 to 17 this year, Gourmet Escape is an event you do not want to miss. There is no better way to take in the beautiful WA scenery than while sipping wine. For about ten days, you will celebrate with food, wine, and music.

The festival involves different regions, including Swan Valley and Margaret River. Swan Valley is known for its numerous wineries – over 40 in total. It is renowned as the oldest wine region in the state.

This region successfully fuses wine, food, and art, while giving you a taste of what nature has to offer with the breathtaking scenery around you. Plus, it is less than 30 minutes away from Perth.

The Gourmet Escape is indeed the escape that you would want to indulge in. Swan Valley events include:

  • Gourmet Feast in the Valley: A celebration that lasts the whole weekend with a truckload of food drink options. One of the themes is cooking over a fire but some famous culinary experts will host barbecue parties. While eating and drinking, music will be playing, which is a big part of the feast.
  • The Italian Connection Dinner: This part of the festival showcases Italian cuisine, along with its associated comfort and hospitality. The four-course dinner will be held at Lamont’s, a winery in Swan Valley.

Margaret River, on the other hand, is home to gourmet restaurants and wineries. About 3.5 hours from the south of Perth, Margaret River is where surfers flock because of the big waves that consistently sweep the waters.

From November 15 to 17, Margaret River will be the destination with various events, including:

  • The Gourmet Village
  • Westpac Gourmet Beach BBQ
  • Safari Club Cookout
  • Cullen Wines Chardonnay Tasting and Lunch
  • Eating at the Crossroads

You can also join the symposium with chefs, food activists, business owners, and brands.

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Broome cup

2. Broome Turf Club

The town of Broome has thrived as a tourist hotspot. The gateway to the Kimberley region, Broome is known for Cable Beach that has the distinctive red cliffs. However, it is mainly popular as the pearling capital of Australia.

The Broome Cup Carnival Events this year is something you may not want to miss. It includes a series of celebrations, including Ladies Day. It will be held at the Broome Turf Club where you will experience racing and other entertainment sources.

The XXXX Gold Broome Cup Day is dubbed as the biggest daytime party in Broome. It is an event worth flying to. Aside from the race, the Gold Broome Cup also offers live music from local artists. Plus, there are fashionistas all over the area, which is perfect for anyone who wants to support creativity. There is a post-race party if you would like to join the other racegoers as well.

3. Kalgoorlie Cup

The town of Kalgoorlie is best known for gold mining. However, the town has many other things to offer, including the Kalgoorlie Cup.

This year, it will take place at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Racing Club on Saturday, October 5, 2019. The event is yet another social event that brings together racing with a touch of class. Horse Racing in the Goldfields is simply a one-of-a-kind experience.

Gascoyne Food Festival

4. Other Festivals and Events

In August, a lot of celebrations of food and nature take place in Western Australia. One is the Gascoyne Food Festival, which promises to serve local produce to the participants. Top chefs from the state will convene to come up with the best dishes in the town of Carnarvon. It is certainly a must-try.

For nature lovers, the Nannup Flower and Garden Festival is a four-day event that displays beautiful flowers from all over the country. It is great for everyone to enjoy, including young kids and teens. There are market stalls as well for those who would like to spend some money shopping.

Meanwhile, those who love movies may want to witness the CinefestOZ Film Festival. The event features some of the most beautiful places in Western Australia and the rest of the continent. Plus, you will be served with wines and fresh food while overlooking the Margaret River.

What’s Else is On in September?

If September is your month for flying to Western Australia, there are different events you may be interested in. Two of the best are:

  • Shinju Matsuri which will take place in Broome is a Japanese-inspired festival. Translated to the Festival of the Pearl, Shinju Matsuri celebrates the town itself. From its culture to history, you will learn more about Broome with this festival. There are various events here, including the Sunset Long Table Dinner, which is held on Cable Beach.
  • The Astro Rocks Fest is also an event that will take place in September this year at Mount Magnet. Just over an hour from Perth via plane, the festival gives you a chance to see ancient rocks right below your feet. Gazing above, the night sky is simply something you will not fail to admire. You can enjoy different activities, such as:
    • Art workshops involving indigenous rocks
    • Displays featuring rock collections
    • Photography viewing
    • Night sky observation
    • Indigenous interpretation of the sky
    • Science shows
    • Galactic displays for children

September does seem a busy month in Western Australia. You could even find events for the youth, artists, and food lovers. If you would like to see more races, this month will not disappoint you.

What About October Onwards?

From October onwards is a great time for those who like to get outdoors.

The Dardanup Bull and Barrel Festival is also an annual celebration in Western Australia. There are over 150 stalls where you can buy food and other items. Throughout the entire night, there will be live music, dancing, and more.

Over three hours away from Perth, the Augusta Adventure Fest will commence in November. It is one of the most renowned races in the world, especially because it is the biggest multi-race event that exists. It will take place during the weekend that will test those who want to brave South West’s rugged landscapes.

The final month of the year will also bring different events, including the Ironman WA and Ironman WA 70.3. The competitors will swim as fast as they can, then ride a bike, and run through Busselton. It is one of the most exciting events in the region.

Busselton Jetty in Western Australia

Western Australia is a hidden treasure. It is filled with hotspots showcasing nature’s beauty. From sightseeing trips to enjoyable events, you will always find something to do that will keep you looking forward to your next destination.